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Data science, Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning is revolutionising business across all industries

This next industrial revolution is all about giving us back time; removing the barriers to working smarter and more efficiently.

However, there is a lot of confusion in the business world around AI and this may lead to faulty decision making. That’s why organisations need true AI experts who offer a transparent and straight-forward approach to implementing AI.

What we do

Jaywing helps people to work smarter and faster through the strategic implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. Our team has expert knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and integrating AI in a business environment.

How we work

We believe that AI will transform the relationship between people and technology, fuelling creativity and skills with speed and precision. The future AI-driven business promises a new era of disruption and productivity, where human ingenuity is enhanced instead of replaced.

Jaywing can implement AI across a broad range of industries and business functions, from delivering insight, to making predictions, through to strategy and assurance. Whether you want to gain insight on customer satisfaction, your brand and SEO and PPC keywords, through to predicting churn, product recommendations and fraud detection, we have you covered. What’s more, we can deliver a complete AI strategy and implementation as well as validate existing models.

How AI is uplifting performance

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Exploring AI part one: What on earth is AI anyway?

While there’s a huge amount of interest in both machine learning and AI, there isn’t a broad understanding of what they mean in practical terms. In part one of this series, we explain all.

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Exploring AI part two: Unpacking NLP

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is everywhere, it’s integrated into our phones and devices such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Assistant. But what is it and why is it so important?

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Exploring AI part three: Explainable AI – lifting the lid off the black box

In the next article in the series, we reveal what explainable AI is and why it’s so crucial to AI adoption.

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Our whitepaper

Telling your AI from your I

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics right now across a range of fields. So here is our guide to AI to help you navigate the subject and consider how to use it in your own field.

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How will AI impact business in 2019?
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What hurdles do organisations face when implementing AI?
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Why do some AI projects fail?
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Which areas is AI delivering the best results?
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What advice would you give to companies looking to implement AI?
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